Biological & Holistic Dentistry: A Healthier You, Naturally.

As a biological & holistic dentistry, we focus on total body wellness (physical, emotional, & spiritual), rather than just your dental issues.

Our philosophy is always to begin where you are now. By looking forward with optimism & focusing on the many solutions available, you’re able to shift into a higher state of consciousness & promote healing on every level. 

We welcome dialogue & questions, and want you to feel empowered throughout the process. 

You deserve more than a pretty smile.

 Your first appointment covers a thorough intake of your medical history & a comprehensive oral exam.

thorough Assessment

We create highly-personalized treatment plans based on testing, imaging & examination.

Personalized Treatment

Everything we do is based on helping you create lasting results & sustainable health.

Lasting Health

Biological & Holistic Dentistry Services

Dr. Malouf specializes in minimally-invasive personalized care. Depending on your needs, we offer routine preventative care as well as more advanced specialty procedures. As pioneers in holistic dentistry, there’s not much we can’t handle! However, we’re well connected in the holistic health community, and can refer you to other specialists in the Woodinville, Bothell, & Greater Seattle Area as needed. 

PReventative & Routine Care

Comprehensive Assessment

Every one of our patients receives a comprehensive functional & oral exam. This initial appointment is foundational to establishing you as a patient, and helping us create a customized healing strategy. Dr. Malouf will ask questions pertaining to your nutrition, sleep, stress, and dental history. Following this first appointment, Dr. Malouf & our team will work with you to create a custom treatment plan. 

Routine Cleanings 

Get ready for the most thorough dental cleaning you’ve had yet! We offer microscopic-enhanced cleanings, allowing Dr. Malouf to investigate markers of dental disease and help you prevent the long term effects of dental disease. We also ensure that you’re completely comfortable through the entire cleaning process. 

Low Radiation & 3D Xrays

Conventional x-ray machines expose you to unnecessary radiation. Instead, we use digital imagery, which has 80% less radiation and doesn't cause unnecessary exposure. We also utilize state of the art 3-dimensional CBCT imaging to get the whole picture of what’s happening inside your head. Using 3D imaging, Dr. Malouf can look at the health of your airway, jaw joints (TMJs), or locate areas of infection which might otherwise be hidden.

Fillings & Crowns (ceramic)

We use Composite Ceramic for fillings, which binds directly to your tooth and creates a strong bond and greater protection than metal fillings. Ceramic fillings exhibit high biocompatibility and avoid the toxins released by BPA & phthalates. Because they match your tooth shade, they blend in with the rest of your smile. 

World-Class Laser Dentistry

Our state of the art lasers offer a full range of hard and soft tissue treatments, including cavities, reshaping your gums, treatment of snoring & esthetic treatments. Ask us about nightlase (snoring treatment), smoothlase (wrinkle treatment) & liplase (lip enhancement with no injections).

Ozone Therapy

At Sustineri Dental, ozone therapy is a standard part of care. Ozonated water naturally neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and fungus, thereby disinfecting the area. Ozone gas is used to treat sensitivity, disinfect cavities & surgical sites, diagnose areas of infection, treat gum disease and stimulate healing.

"Dr. Malouf & his staff are unlike any other dentistry I have been to. He looks at the bigger picture as your dental health is connected to so much more than just your mouth!"

- m.D., CLIENT | Greater Seattle

Nitrous Oxide Sedation 

This is our lowest dose of sedation. Breathing through the nitrous oxide mask, promotes relaxation & may make you a little drowsy. This is ideal for patients with low levels of anxiety and simple procedures. Plus, you can drive yourself home after the procedure!

Oral Conscious Sedation

Our next level of sedation is in the form of a pill, administered by Dr. Malouf. This is best for higher levels of anxiety and more complicated procedures. This option requires that you have a family member available for transportation. 

Sedation Dentistry

For high levels of anxiety and more involved procedures, IV conscious sedation tends to work best. This type of sedation puts you into a deep state of relaxation & sleep, allowing for the most comfortable, anxiety-free visit possible. Dr. Malouf has been providing safe IV sedation to patients for 20 years.

We Keep You Comfortable!

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Mercury Removal

Mercury is toxic to people, plain & simple. Yet many dental practices continue to use it, putting their patients at risk. Did you know that amalgam fillings (silver), are at least 50% mercury? Dr. Malouf uses the safest technique available to remove toxic fillings and replace them with ceramic fillings that not only bind better to your teeth, but also encourage healing.

Tooth Removal 

We are able to consult on & perform extractions of teeth and associated infection in the jaw bones. Like all of our surgical procedures, Dr. Malouf uses the Swiss Surgical Technique (see below), offering the least invasive option for extraction & promoting quicker healing. 

Swiss Surgical Technical

If surgery of any kind is to be beneficial, rest assured that we implement protocols which are designed to work with your body, not against it. We use the Swiss Surgical Technique, based on the Swiss BioHealth Concept™. Accordingly, we strive to prepare your body to heal itself! Our protocol combines the use of laser, ultrasonic surgery, platelet rich fibrin, ozone, healing optimization with IV-supplements and more to ensure a toxin-free environment clear from infection. If ceramic implants are part of your treatment plan, they are placed using our protocol using only the highest quality non-metal implants available. Our approach is designed to be toxin-free & activate your body's innate healing mechanisms.


Specialty Services

Sleep Apnea & Sleep Disorders (Airway Optimization)

Sleep apnea prevents you from getting necessary restorative sleep each night. Biological & Holistic dentists are well positioned to help you address sleep disorders using airway optimization. In fact, a holistic dentist will likely recognize airway related health issues years before a medical doctor.

Your airway is a critical component of overall health. When you’re able to breathe more easily, your immune system becomes stronger, & your risk of tooth decay & periodontitis goes down.

At Sustineri Dental, we take a holistic & biological approach to treating disordered breathing issues. By optimizing your airway, you can expect:

  • More energy throughout your day!
  • Stronger immune system
  • Less snoring
  • Less tooth decay & healthier gums
  • Increased nitric oxide levels
  • Resolution of dry mouth

Bio-Functional Natural Dentistry Serving Woodinville, Bothell & Seattle.

Specialty Services

TMJ Pain & Stabilization

Do you suffer from sore facial muscles or jaw pain? Dr. Malouf can assess and diagnose TMJ-related problems quickly. It starts with discovering why you’re experiencing the pain in the first place, and includes a customized plan to address the problem. Oftentimes this pain is caused by teeth grinding and/or a misaligned bite, both of which we can assist with.

Symptoms often include:

  • Facial & jaw pain
  • “Popping” sound in the jaw while chewing 
  • Limited range when opening or closing your jaw
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches and toothaches
  • Earaches, pain, & ringing in the ears.

Absolutely! We offer services for the whole family. We love seeing children because beginning with holistic dental care early on provides a lifetime of benefits for them. 

Is natural dentistry recommended for children?  

Holistic Dentistry FAQ

We love questions! We view our services as a partnership with our patients, and love when they take an active role in improving their health & wellness. 

We don’t offer root canals at our office. We avoid them and carefully manage the associated risks. If extraction of a diseased tooth is required, we use techniques that encourage your body to heal naturally.

Does natural dentistry support root canals?

Conventional dentistry focuses on treating symptoms, often allowing disease to progress unnecessarily. Biofunctional natural dentistry is preventative & investigative by nature. At Sustineri Dental, we use functional testing & personalized healing protocols to treat the root of the problem, leading to better overall health outcomes for our patients. 

How does natural dentistry compare to conventional dentistry? 

Fluoride is a last-ditch effort to solve a problem that is fundamentally bigger: acid-base chemistry. While fluoride reduces decay, there are now safer and better ways to accomplish this including individual diet tuning, hydroxyapatite, & certain plant extracts. 

What do you recommend instead of fluoride as a natural dentist? 

Have another question?

M.R., Client

They make going to the dentist enjoyable! Dr. Malouf is so knowledgeable and friendly 

J.S., CLient

Dr. Malouf incorporates scientific research and applies it with a holistic approach seamlessly. 

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Biological & Holistic Dentistry Serving Woodinville, Bothell & Greater Seattle.