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Providing transformative care to health-conscious families & individuals through high-tech holistic dentistry. We're so glad you're here - come on in!

Life-Changing Biological Dentistry Based in Woodinville, Serving Families Near & Far.

At Sustineri Dental, we offer more than a pretty smile. We partner with you & your family to prevent disease & create sustainable health using functional medicine & high-tech holistic dentistry.

What we do:

We are a mercury-safe & fluoride-free dental office offering safe removal of amalgam (silver) fillings & mercury detox support. We use only low-radiation imaging, ozonated water & laser dentistry to provide the least-invasive care possible. 

Non-Toxic & Safe

Personalized Care

We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" care. Every individual is unique, and we shape our treatment plans accordingly! This involves diagnostic testing, custom diet & lifestyle protocols & practices such as “biocompatibility testing”, which help us select the most suitable dental materials for your mouth. 

What you can count on:

Root-Cause Approach

We are committed to helping you identify the root-cause behind your symptoms. Even when symptoms don't appear to be related your mouth, there's a good chance they are! Your mouth is connected to all of the organs & systems throughout your body, and our job as biological dentists is to help you make connections that may otherwise go undetected.

Some call it biological dentistry, others call it biomimetic dentistry, bio-functional dentistry, holistic dentistry, or natural dentistry.

But, what it comes down to for us is considering your entire state of well-being: physical, mental, & spiritual. 

It’s about helping you achieve optimal & sustainable wellness using a combination of cutting-edge dental technology & functional medicine principles.

Believe it or not, when we look inside your mouth, we see a lot more than just teeth! In fact, your mouth gives us important clues about what’s going on in the rest of your body (e.g. with your organs & within your gut).

And from there, we’re able to recommend diet & lifestyle solutions to help restore balance & vitality. 

At its core, biological dentistry is about addressing the root cause of disharmony within the mouth, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Much like functional & naturopathic medicine, we aim to cause no harm, which also means safe & non-toxic products.

Have You Heard of Biological Dentistry?

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At Sustineri Dental, we aim to bring you cutting-edge dentistry & technology while staying grounded in our local community & strong family values.

With over 25 years in dental care, Dr. Gabriel Malouf understands the deep connection between oral health & systemic disease. He's extremely passionate about the intersection of functional medicine, biological dentistry & holistic health. In fact, he jokes that his only true “hobby” is devouring new Pubmed entries on the weekends ;) 

Through bridging eastern & western medicine, we've been able better serve our patients on every level: physical, mental, & spiritual. 

About Us

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“Extremely knowledgeable & great at ensuring comfort ”

Very friendly dentist and staff — extremely knowledgeable and great about ensuring your comfort and informing his patients about their options and costs. Highly recommend!!! | Greater Seattle


“Dr. Malouf is by far the best dentist my family and I have ever been to”

He and his staff are very warm and thorough in their work. They also make sure to keep the patient fully informed on everything that is going on in a detailed, but easily understood manner | Greater Seattle


Did you know that amalgam fillings (silver), are about 50% mercury? Dr. Malouf uses the safest technique available to remove toxic fillings and replace them with ceramic fillings. 

Safe Mercury Removal

Get ready for the most thorough dental cleaning you’ve had yet! We offer microscopic-enhanced cleanings to help you prevent dental disease.

Preventative Care

We incorporate laser dentistry, which means less pain, less numbing, less time in the chair, and all-around better health outcomes for you.

Laser Dentistry

Services We Offer

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Dr. Malouf & his team can help you identify the root cause behind your "TMJ" related pain to get you out of pain quickly. This is often related to teeth grinding & jaw alignment.

"TMJ" Solutions

Sleep apnea prevents you from getting necessary restorative sleep each night. Dr. Malouf offers airway optimization to help you correct the problem.

Sleep Disorders

We use Composite Ceramic for fillings, which binds directly to your tooth and creates a strong bond and greater protection than metal fillings. 

Minimally Invasive Fillings

"Dr. Malouf & his staff are unlike any other dentistry I have been to. He looks at the bigger picture as your dental health is connected to so much more than just your mouth!"

- M.D., CLIENT | Greater Seattle

At Sustineri Dental, we like to think of ourselves as health detectives. Using clues within your mouth to pinpoint underlying issues, we are well-suited to help you with a wide array of health challenges & goals, from preventative dental cleanings to sleep apnea & chronic health issues like migraines, joint-pain & inflammation.

Oftentimes, it’s not about trying harder. It’s about getting the right information to solve the problem, and your mouth is full of great information to help us on this journey!
Even when you’re doing “all the right things” - eating plenty of fresh foods, brushing & flossing, moving your body…symptoms can persist due to underlying problems that have gone undetected. 

Ultimately, we believe you deserve to live a pain-free life, full of abundance & joy, and we’re here to help you get there. 

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Get to The Bottom of Your Symptoms & Achieve Sustainable Wellness With Functional & Biological Dentistry.

Holistic & Biological Dentistry Serving Woodinville, Bothell & Seattle.

This is where we really get to know you! Your first appointment covers a thorough intake of your medical history & a comprehensive oral exam.

Initial Assessment

Give us a call to schedule. From there, we’ll send you some initial paperwork, and make sure you have everything you need to find us on the day of your first visit. 

Book an Appointment

We'll put together a custom plan consisting of diet & lifestyle recommendations & functional medicine insights to help you heal & thrive. 

Personalized Plan

How it Works

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Biological Dentistry: The Last Stop on Your Quest For Higher-Level Care.

Many of our patients find us after having walked away from more traditional healthcare providers who haven't had answers for them. We understand how frustrating it can be trying to heal without the right information & support. 

The good news is that most of our patients tell us it's like a breath of fresh air to finally find a dentist who can help. 

A dentist who: 

  • Believes in moving beyond quick fix “solutions”
  • Has a passion for holistic healing & root-cause medicine 
  • Believes in the power of "food-as-medicine" 
  • Uses naturopathic & functional medicine principles
  • Doesn't give up on even the most complex cases!
  • Has a genuine passion for helping people heal

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To Empower as Many People as Possible to Find Optimal & Sustainable Health Through Holistic Education, Integrative Care & Cutting-Edge Technology. 

“I've never had an evaluation more thorough than with Dr. Malouf. ”

He is personable, relatable and most importantly knowledgable. He seems to genuinely care about his patients, spending as much time with them as reasonably possible. I learned more in my first visit with Dr. Malouf than over two years at Highlands Dentistry.


“Dr. Malouf is amazing! Everyone we have referred to him absolutely loves him”

Dr. Malouf works WITH us patients. No matter the situation, he works to make it fit our needs, We changed dentists, so he can handle our dental needs.

 Since water runs down hill, all his staff are amazing, also.


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Holistic dentists tend to be primarily focused on avoiding toxins, whereas biological dentists focus on restoring function throughout the body from an oral health perspective. Using functional diagnostic testing & personalized diet & lifestyle protocols, we assist the body in its own innate healing abilities. 

What's the difference between a holistic dentist & a biological dentist? 

Biological Dentistry FAQ

It’s natural to have lots of questions, especially if biological dentistry & functional medicine are new to you! But the good news is that we meet you exactly where you are, providing you everything you need to make an informed decision for you & your family.

Yes! Existing amalgam (silver) fillings are removed according to the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology guidelines. This significantly reduces your exposure to toxic mercury during the removal process. We also offer heavy metal blood testing & mercury detox support.  

Do you remove mercury fillings as a biological dentist? 

Absolutely. We are happy to speak with your Naturopathic Physician or Functional Medicine Doctor, and we really enjoy doing so! This type of collaboration leads to better, faster results for you. 

Are you available to consult on medical issues with my doctor? 

Absolutely! We offer preventative & speciality services for the whole family. We love the opportunity to see kids because we’re able to catch things early, providing a lifetime of benefit. 

I’m looking for a biological dentist for my child - do you see kids? 

Your first visit will include lots of questions about your medical history, so we can get to know you! Then we’ll perform a comprehensive oral exam. We always explain what we’re doing, with the goal of empowering you along the way. After that, we’ll chat about our findings & put a plan into place to help you achieve your health goals. 

I’ve never seen a biological dentist before - what should I expect?

Yes, we do! We realize that coming to the dentist can create anxiety for some people. Our IV sedation ensures that you feel safe and comfortable during all procedures. We have three levels of sedation depending on your anxiety level & the type of procedure you're undergoing..

I’m looking for a biological dentist that offers IV sedation - do you do this? 

Have another question?

Functional & Biological Dentistry Serving Woodinville, Bothell & Seattle.

We’re incredibly passionate about what we do, and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with you on your quest for higher-level care. Give us a call today, and experience the difference yourself.